The Bob Carter Centre

The Centre is operated by 2 bodies.  The Bob Carter Memorial Youth and Leisure Centre (“the Trust”) – a registered charity
and The Drayton Leisure Centre Club (“the Club”)

The General Committee of the Club (made up of a maximum of 11 elected members) is responsible for running the Centre’s bar and catering operations. The Management Committee of the Trust (made up of 6 nominations from Drayton Parish Council and 5 elected users) control the remainder of the Centre’s activities. A lease is in place whereby the bar area is leased to the Club by the Trust.

The Trust and the Club are independent and autonomous bodies, each having decision making authority in respect of their area. However, for the Centre to function effectively there is close working relationship between the two bodies.  Sports activities are paid for on a play as you go basis (membership not required) whereas to use the bar, etc, membership of the Club is required which costs £1 per year.


Bob Carter Centre

School Road

(01603) 867102